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Version: 1.4.7
(released on January 7th, 2007)

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Simple Picture Gallery Manager


feature addition - bug fix - modification

1.4.7 ( 01-07-2007 )
language packs fixed
parsing of multiple-line picture comments fixed
added '_vti_cnf' to the ignored directory list
1.4.6 ( 12-15-2006 )
fixed a slideshow problem causing pictures not to be displayed
1.4.5 ( 12-03-2006 )
REGISTER_GLOBALS mode is now set automatically
sticky hyperlinks are now generated on demand (new 'stickySpgm' option, see spgm.conf), useful whem SPGM is used in "big" templates
$cfg really made global for use of SPGM from non-global scopes. $cfg was also renamed to $spgm_cfg, so do not forget to update spgm.conf and spgm.thm files, when updating from previous versions
fixed "Undefined offset" notices
SPGM does not ignore folders anymore when encouters "0" folders
Javascript issue fixed to prevent everlasting loadings of popups
factorized code for hyperlinks generation
Luxembourgish, Vietnamese, Galician and Esperanto language packs added, thanks to Robert Delvaux, Hung Lan Nguyen and Patricia Saco
1.4.4 ( 12-25-2005 )
Set-able orientation of thumbnails/picture "blocks"
Drop-shadowed galleries are now clickable (IE users)
Serbian language pack added, thanks to Nikola Kotur
1.4.3 ( 10-31-2005 )
Support for hidden galleries
Multiple-line captions support in pic-desc.txt
Set-able list of directories to ignore (ex: vti_cnf)
Images and thumbnails can have the same filename when DIR_THUMBS is used
Full picture dimension can now be set through configuration
Popup over full pictures
Auto-template mode enabled if available only
Random gallery thumbnail error fixed when DIR_THUMBS is used (thanks to Misha Cohen)
Random and fixed gallery thumbnails are now surrounded by drop shadows
ereg_replace changed to str_replace
Code factorization
All constants defined using simple quotes
Default flavor modified
3 language packs added : Latvian, Traditional Chinese and Catalan, thanks to Gints Karklins, Chan Pak Hing, Pau Amaro-Seoane and David Riera
1.4.2 ( 12-27-2004 )
toggle-able drop shadows surrounding pictures and thumbnails
toggle-able EXIF data screen
"XHTML 1.0 strict" compliance fixed
Javascript issue fixed when using filters with Opera, thanks to Herbert Neugebauer
thumbnails can now reside in a subdirectory (see DIR_THUMBS constant, in spgm.php)
1.4.1 ( 11-11-2004 )
Permission tests are now compatible with every host policies
New default theme
The special character in pic-desc.txt files has changed from '=' to '|', so hyperlinks are now possible in picture captions
1 language pack added (Slovak)
1.4 ( 05-08-2004 )
auto-template mode (no more URL_EXTRA_PARAM tweaking)
undefined variables fixed
XHTML 1.0 compliance fixed
PHP 3 compliance abandoned
configuration check improved
Russian language pack added
1.3.5 ( 01-25-2004 )
When PopupFitPicture is disabled, controls are displayed correctly
Layout break fixed
1 language pack added (Chinese simplified)
1.3.4 ( 12-29-2003 )
Slideshow mode is now toggle-able
Picture captions are now updated while running a slideshow
Undefined variables fixed
Layout does not break anymore in slideshow mode
Javascript 'Object expected' bug fixed
Picture captioning mechanism more user-friendly (see pic-desc.txt)
Gallery names can be extented in a gal-title.txt file to fix issues related to directory names (to support accentuated characters for instance)
Resource files renamed (gal-sort.txt, gal-desc.txt, pic-sort.txt, pic-desc.txt)
1.3.3 ( 11-02-2003 )
Javascript slideshow added
Pop-up frames can now fit picture dimensions
Toggle-able display of the picture's filename along with the thumbnails/pictures (introduction of a new CSS class : td-picture-filename)
2 undefined variables fixed
Rowspan attribute fixed
Picture/thumbnail captions are now stored in one single file
Added &middot between each thumbnail page number
Code cleanup: variables renamed
3 language packs added (Bulgarian, Persian "Farsi", Turkish)
1.3.2 ( 07-27-2003 )
Pop-up pictures support
Users can now set the position of the gallery title and caption (BOTTOM or RIGHT)
Picture/"thumbnail page" syncing fixed
Filter 'all' is now displayed while filter 'new' is on
Undefined variables fixed
Removed standalone mode
Generated code compliance shifted to XHTML 1.0 Strict
URL parameter and function names have been changed (namespace prefix)
'print' function usage improved for better performance
Icons initialization code is now done once for better performance
Post initialization check updated for better performance/error handling
Reporting mechanism recoded
Code cleanup: configuration variables re-organized (use of a global array)
subgal_display_level (now $cfg['config']['subGalleryLeve'l]) does not use the INFINITE value anymore (0 instead)
2 language packs added (Czech, Estonian)
1.3.1 ( 05-24-2003 )
added *true* non-standalone mode (header/footer files deprecated)
support for gallery-dedicated thumbnails (_thb_galleryname.extension located at the gallery directory level)
pictures themselves now link to the next picture
$gallery_listing_column_number now works for the root gallery as well
removed captions within ALT tags to avoid layout blow-ups
display ASCII arrows whenever graphic resources are not specified in a theme file
Width and height tags are set for _all_ icons
minor bug fixes (undefined variables, is_gallery() fixed)
filter management completely recoded > $display_thumbnails_with_pic deprecated (see $filters in spgm.conf)
supported picture file extensions are now stored in an array for better extensibility
when displaying a gallery, sub-galleries links are now displayed above the thumbnails navigation bar
code generation clean-up
replaced >>,<< sequences by »,« characters
6 language packs added (Korean, Croatian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Romanian)
1.3 ( 03-02-2003 )
new picture highlighting can now be disabled
introduction of thumbnail-sized gallery icons for graphically improved gallery listing (themes designers have to add one more icon)
you can now set the number of displayed columns within gallery listings
ability to display pictures without the thumbnail navigation bar
picture information display (right below the thumbnails) can now be disabled
pictures can now be sorted against creation date (WARNING: the name of the text file used to explicitely sort pictures has changed: picture.sort)
galleries can now be explicitely sorted using the same principles than pictures (i.e. against filenames, creation date or explicitely sorted using a simple text file: gallery.sort)
introduction of two sort criteria (available for both galleries and pictures): ascending or descending. Those are not available when explicit sort is used
thumbnails' width-height ratio is now correctly preserved for thumbnailed galleries
width and height attributes for the img tag are now declared as to gallery icons
while browsing new pictures, switching between pages now keeps the filter status to 'new'
only directories possibly return true from is_gallery
classes are now CSS 2.0 compliant
Code improvements
Introduction of a new class for the wrapper table ("table_wrapper")
Danish and Hungarian language packs added
Default theme has been updated to make it more attractive
1.2.1 ( 01-11-2003 )
Critical bug fix as to URL parameters handling (noticeable on some server configurations).
This bug's consequence is to always display the "unknown picture" error message. Everyone who encountered this issue should update the package
1.2 ( 01-04-2003 )
thumbnails can serve as gallery icons
explicit sort of pictures against a text file (one picture per line)
the 'new' icon (right above the thumbnails) is no longer displayed from the first new picture found
bug fix as to the use of subgal_display_level (0 value is now invalid). Its value corresponds to the deepest level of the galleries to be displayed
bug fix as to multi-language support
a warning message is now displayed for each picture that has no associated thumbnail
meaningless error messages updated
better ALT tags for pictures/thumbnails: the caption is now displayed when possible.
quick start guide added
language packs added
1.1 ( 07-31-2002 )
toggle-able display of the picture captions along with the thumbnails
client side picture scaling for big pictures galleries (javascript)
toggle-able lexicographical sort on galleries names
multi-language support
bug fix as for the use of $PHP_SELF (this should be the last attempt to get it to work on every server configuration)
gallery caption filename changed because of Windows filename issues and Linux default behavior as to .* files: .gal_msg -> gallery.msg
picture filter visual improvement. Minor mistake fixed: Ko -> KB
1.0.3b ( 07-11-2002 )
bug fix as to the use of $PHP_SELF (which caused problems with some versions of UAs like mozilla)
new CSS class introduced for the link to SPGM (CLASS_A_SPGM_LINK) -> modification of the default stylesheet also (remember you can set this class up the way you want as long as it is _visible_ on each page)
1.0.2b ( 07-08-2002 )
added code to handle register_globals (php.ini), whatever its value is (either ON or OFF)
initialization of _all_ the variables to avoid "Undefined variable" error messages that appear on some configurations
is_picture: check filename patterns first and in a more restrictive manner for performance improvement
README.txt fixed (my email was wrong :), and updated (tips about thumbnails generation)
batch file for thumbnails generation included in the distribution (tools directory)
1.0.1b ( 07-04-2002 )
bug fix for header/footer inclusion
disabled warning messages for filemtime unsuccessful calls (which makes the update necessary for PHP4 users)
code generation cleanup
a few modifications in the spgm.conf comments
README.txt completed (guide added)
ChangeLog.txt added
1.0b ( 07-02-2002 )
initial release

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