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(released on January 7th, 2007)

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Thanks to the following for having contributed to SPGM improvements...

Language packs & translations

Bulgarian: Milena Dimitrova
Catalan: Pau Amaro-Seoane and David Riera
Chinese traditional: Chan Pak Hing
Chinese simplified: Jiandong Ruan
Croatian: Mitja Venturini
Czech: Vladimír Jarý
Danish: Dan Eskildsen
Dutch: Bram van Haren
Esperanto: Patricia Saco
Estonian: Andres Kuusk
Finnish: Samuli Laukka
Galician: Patricia Saco
German: Christiane Schubert and Johannes Riedler
Hungarian: Ferencz Tamas
Italian: Stephano Martinelli
Korean: Dongshik Son
Latvian: Gints Karklins
Lithuanian : Jonas ?
Luxembourgish: Robert Delvaux
Norwegian: Tor H. Borthen
Persian (Farsi): Behnam Esfahbod
Polish: Andrzej Rusin and Marek Witkowski
Portuguese: Ricardo Lamego
Romanian: Cristian Simion
Russian: Alex Rayskiy
Serbian: Nikola Kotur
Slovenian: Mitja Venturini
Spanish: Felipe Brahm
Slovak: Peter Chovan
Swedish: Peter Jonsson
Turkish: Osman S. Bankoglu
Vietnamese: Hung Lan Nguyen


Very special thanks to those people who once thought SPGM was worth donating. I hope they still think so...

Kari-Petteri Ahola, DWC Network, Muhamad Haydar, Eric Gouda, Pauline Lacoste-Caron, HealthTech Consulting Services Ltd., Drago Slukan, Andrea See, Max Forward, Sébastien Roux, Rock the bull, Aartika! fractal art, Michelle Conway, Shane Stacks, James Hollingsworth, Ralph Friedman, Robert Stirling, Ron Baker, Donald Garon, Jim Null, David Fromberg, Tim Sinclair-Lee, Stephane Gauthier, Denis Teysseyre, Naveen Narale, Johannes Stieger.


Also, Jeremy W. Herr, Olivier Nicolas, Christophe Ludet, Leense Wagenaar, Felipe Brahm, Sébastien Mathivet... for their precious feedback.

All authors of plug-ins / modules / themes that enhance SPGM (check out their work in the plug-ins/modules or the flavors section).

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